What are 2 Minute Resets?

These are easy to do 2 minute exercises that can be done in an office, at home, in a hotel room, or a park.  They are the perfect way to RESTORE ENERGY and blood flow to your body, and to HELP IMPROVE YOUR HEALTH.  For my movers out there, they are amazing at helping you FIX INJURIES and BODY MISALIGNMENTS, as well as TONING MUSCLES and BURNING FAT all day.  And if that is not enough, they can help BOOST YOUR MOOD and make you FEEL HAPPIER.

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How do they work?

Easy.  Just turn one on and follow along for 2 minutes in the morning, and 2 minutes in the evening. You can also break up periods of prolonged sitting to give your neck and back a break. 


Some people like to combine an upper and lower body Reset for a 4-minute break.  Sometimes our bodies get thirsty for more movement once we start. 


Why do they work?


One of the things that causes fatigue and pain in our bodies is stagnation and dehydrated fascia.  Essentially this means that our bodies are starving for fresh oxygen and movement, and when we restrict that, it responds by making us feel tired, and by turning our pain receptors on high alert.  When we create patterns in our bodies (think neck forward - like when we look at our phone screens), it can create misalignment and cause pain all over.

Disease also comes from these conditions, and this type of exercise is PERFECT at addressing those needs.  

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