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What's finally helping me feel better

3 years ago if someone would have told me that physical activity would become my struggle in life, I'm sure I would've begged for a different trial. I never knew how much my life would change when my active lifestyle started to create negative outcomes rather than positive ones. I started as a pro-athlete on the Spartan Pro Team, and years later ended up barely being able to walk around the block without needing a nap. However I firmly believe that we go through certain trials in order to grow, in order to progress as human beings, to create empathy for others and help them through their struggles.

I've always felt that I was suffering through this for a reason, and someday I might know what that was. For one I never would have attended massage school while training hard for athletic events, and I would not have been able to experience bringing healing into other people's lives.

One of the reasons that I was able to succeed in my athletic endeavors was my determination and mental strength. I've had to use that mental strength to get through the daily physical pain my body feels, and the overwhelming fatigue that can hit me. When people ask what the problems is - what is it's title - All I have are my own ideas and a laundry list of symptoms. We have spent thousands of dollars consulting with doctors and other professionals, and on supplements, prescription drugs, and medical tests. We have tried energy healing, hypnosis therapy, counseling, etc. I've done autoimmune paleo, rested my body for 7 months, got 9-10 hours of sleep a night, high carb diet, no sugar/gluten diet, saunas, yoga, ultrasounds, We really have tried anything that came my way.

Two months ago, I listened to a podcast by a popular trainer who interviewed Matt Gallant and Wade Lockheart, creators of a company called BioOptimizers. They were discussing digestion, and the problems that we as a modern society experience because we cook the enzymes out of our food, as well as destroy our own in our body with stress, overexercise, and bad diets. There were a few things that were said that really stuck out to me.

1. By the time we are 40 we produce 70% of the digestive enzymes that we had at birth. If you are an endurance athlete, you are probably producing even less.

2. When we cook our food, our body has to draw enzymes from

the pancreas and liver, and then eventually the inner lining of the small intestine, to be able to start breaking down our food.

3. If we do intense exercise, our body has less energy to create enzymes. That's why endurance athletes frequently have digestion/ bloating/ stomach issues.

4. If we have bad stress of any kind (money, job, relationship, emotional, hidden emotions, rough childhood, etc), our body slows enzyme production as well as nutrient absorption. This is a big deal folks as nutrient deficiency can lead to a whole host of diseases.

Because my body is having issues metabolizing fats (it often breaks down my muscle), I started wondering if it's because my body is not breaking down fats (that I eat) in my system, and then in turn, not absorbing them. Some specialist in this area are starting to think this may be the case. This is really common in overtrained athletes.

I decided to try it. I was a skeptic because every product/ supplement that I have tried has overtaxed my kidneys and liver, and made me more tired.

Pretty soon after, my body felt a little lighter when I would go on a jog. When I took the enzymes with a protein source before a workout, I felt considerably better. My muscles weren't cramping as much.

My eyes stopped burning like they used to. This was one of my biggest complaints about my daily pain. When my condition was really intense, I would wake up with the eye burn and it would stick around all day. Eventually, it would show up just after activity (so if I sat all day it wasn't as noticeable). But when it would get bad, it was hard to keep my eyes open. My neck would often be tense because I would lean my head back to look at screens, or look up at things. It was thoroughly depressing and absolutely nothing would help it outside of days and days of rest. Especially in the last month, I have noticed that huge improvement.

*My fatigue started diminishing significantly. I didn't have as many days that were just overwhelming.

*I started sleeping better and deeper.

*I lost 5 lbs out of nowhere - My body is starting to burn fat for energy again. The bloating that I felt after many meals that I attributed to post-baby tummy, went away.

*The itchiness that I would feel every night at 10 pm (Kidney issues) happens significantly less if at all.

*My headaches and migraines reduced from 2-3 a week to just one once in a while.

*The probiotic is getting rid of my candida overgrowth that I've struggled with for years!

*I recover from workouts significantly faster.

While it hasn't fixed all of my problems ( I've read that it can take over a year to really fix metabolism issues) I wholeheartedly accept any improvements.

The product is called Masszymes, and it's a high quality blend of different digestive enzymes.

We are now starting to realize how important our stomach health is in all diseases and health issues, and I fully think this product stands above the rest in its field. Other enzyme supplements that I looked in to are just not as potent - Most people make the mistake of not taking enough and then it doesn't do the good that it needs. Also many other brands that I saw contain only a couple types of enzymes. The different enzymes in this supplement cover all of the bases (proteins, carbohydrates, fats, dairy, gluten, etc).

The probiotic that I'm in love with is called P3-OM, and is a focused strain that multiplies quickly, and defeats all sorts of issues. I've been reading that Its been shown to be a tumor eater - it is so potent it eats to outer layers of cancer producing tumors!

Btw, this is not an MLM. This is just a product that I found through a podcast that I think is incredible. I contacted them to see if I could be a distributor and affiliate and luckily they said "Yes!".

If me telling my story can help one other person, then it helps me to feel more at peace in my situation. I would recommend it to healthy people to improve their health and recovery, but especially people with any of the following conditions:

-fatigue, moderate to severe

-rapid signs of aging (just not feeling very good)

-overtraining syndrome/ adrenal fatigue

-thyroid problems

-digestion issues, colitis, bloating, depression

-gallbladder removal

-mothers- we experience a whole bunch of metabolism problems after birth

-problems losing weight/ history of dieting

-autoimmune diseases and cancers (especially the probiotic


-athletes that want to recover faster from workouts, or significantly reduce injury time

- endurance athletes

After you go to that link, search for Biooptimizers in your browser. Their main web page is more of what I'm talking about.

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